The Taste of Silver (tasteofsilver) wrote in tech_metal,
The Taste of Silver


Thursday, May 3rd
@ UMass Lowell VPAC, 3rd Floor
Fox Tower
Lowell, MA

GAZA (Black Market Activities, from SLC Utah)
The_Network (they will destroy everything in sight, I've seen it happen more than once)
Porphyria (New England's answer to Decapitated)
The Taste of Silver (New England's answer to Phillip Glass in a grind band)

Salt Lake City, UT

From Salt Lake City, Gaza play a dark, glooming and frantic breed of hardcore and metal mixed with grind. Combining the sludgy, droney elements of Crowbar or Soilent Green with the absolute blasting force of Pig Destroyer, adjectives like abrasive and devastating, do not even begin to touch the full extremes of this group. What little will be left after The_Network's set will be cleared away by these men.

Dover, NH

Recalling memories of bands like Coalesce and Deadguy, the frantic, desperate music of The_Network is something that can only truly be experienced live. I've been playing shows with these guys for four years now, and they've destroyed every damn thing in their path whenever they play. Countless microphones and guitar cables have fallen mercilessly at their feet. The frustration and contempt for all things worldly that is felt within their guts becomes reality for fifteen minutes, with guitars swirling, drumsticks flailing, and microphones sailing through the air. You must see this band to believe they actually do what people say they do. Plus they're fast as hell.

Maine / New Hampshire / Massachusetts

Formed in late 2003, Porphyria is a 5-piece death metal band based out of three states (ME, NH, MA). Their 5 track EP, recorded with Ken Susi in April of 2005, is cutting-edge death metal, filled with some of the heaviest parts New England has ever heard. They have played 100+ shows all over New England and to as far as Ohio within the last two years with some national and international acts such as: Suffocation, Cryptopsy, Vehemence, Despised Icon, Beneath the Massacre, Akercocke, Vital Remains, Cattle Decapitation, Malignancy, Internal Sufferring, Immolation, Dehumanized, Mortician, Incantation, Goratory, Wasteform and many more. This band is consistently tight and razor accurate. Expect them to be picked up by a major label soon.

Arlington, MA

Hailing from the small historical town of Arlington, Massachusetts, The Taste of Silver has been making surprisingly large waves in the underground music scene. Combining the likes of Phillip Glass and John Cage with music like Assuck, Reversal of Man, and Dinosaur Jr, their blend of melody and technicality is a breath of fresh air in a world of one-hitter wonders and pattern songs growing progressively stagnant. They have played over 300 shows in over 35 states, and have just released their second album on Hold True Records. This band is sure to win you over with their passion and integrity live.
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